Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Fabulous First Grader

First Grade. Impossible. And yet, it's true. Little M is a great big fabulous first grader.

Not surprisingly, she took the first day right in stride. New school, new teacher, new friends and a handful of old ones. Such an adaptable girl. At the door, after getting directions to her class (we'd been there the day before, but you know me and directions), she said, "I know where I'm going", and insisted on going by herself. *sigh*

And her mom did okay, too. That's despite the mess of traffic and construction at the school, and multiple misdirections, both at open house and upon our arrival the morning of the first day as to just which door exactly we were supposed to go to. And the situation was even more confusing at the end of the day, as cars followed instructions to line up for pick-up quite unfortunately in the same place the buses were supposed to come in. I think the phrase, "someone should lose their job over this" was probably fairly appropriate. Made me very glad I stuck to my guns and *gasp* parked my car in the neighborhood and walked to the school building to meet my sweet girl in person, rather than sitting in my idling car for who knows how long waiting in the pick-up line (wherever it's supposed to be!) or following the strong recommendation to put her on a stiflingly hot school bus. Unfortunately, next week she'll start riding the bus on Fridays only, as I will have a long class in Tulsa this semester. The temperatures are supposed to be much cooler by then. Let's cross our fingers.

So, the day went off better than I expected, and meeting her at the building with a nice cold bottle of pink lemonade topped it off nicely, as did the smore I left in the car to melt for her in anticipation of her being starving. After all, they don't get snacks in first grade! My inquiries into how her day went and what she did were even answered with happy chattering instead of the usual "I don't know". Looks like we're off to a great start!


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