Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Well, we finally got ourselves into a place, and just in time for Christmas. We looked at probably 80 houses, and I think we did well to be patient and wait for the right thing to come along. We absolutely love the new house. It has just the right space and layout for the way we live, and the yard has plenty of potential for landscape and gardening. Yes! We will be canning salsa in 2009! We still have some boxes to unpack and some organizing to do, but we're mostly settled and even put the Christmas tree and some decorations up. And we're finally home!

Little M took the chaos of moving again all in stride, with her usual good nature. What a great girl. She didn't seem at all sad to leave the rental. It helped that she had 12 days of gifts to open all the way up to Christmas to distract her. Mookie and LouLou rock! Very well done! And she loves the new place as much as I do, I think. Wait until it warms up and she gets to play in the gazebo in the back yard! I'm seeing endless tea parties out there. And, of course, having her best friend within walking distance is a huge bonus.

Santa was good to us this year. He left M a note thanking her for the snacks and telling her she's been very good, and reminding her to listen to her mom and dad. He also left her books and a bunny, as she requested. One of the books was a pop-up that opens 360° to create a wonderful fairy garden/village thing, and comes with little stand-up paper fairies. I imagine it is exactly what her Grandma Tory would have given her if she were with us.

So, 2008 is ending on a high note, and we're well set up for a Happy New Year. I'll get M's 2008 photo album online soon, so check back for the link in January. We're plenty ready for guests at the new abode, and we're already booked for January, so make your reservations soon! We look forward to seeing you!


At 4:09 PM, Blogger Tina and Dan said...

I love the pictures! The house looks so cozy...but open and BRIGHT! I bet you were excited about that! We look forward to visiting again in the future. We love you guys!

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Johnson-n-Johnson said...

Wow. Beautiful job on the home! Maybe we will come and visit for Spring Break in March. We miss you and love you.
brandi and david

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Texas Brewers said...

Hey! So, have you checked out our blog and heard the re-mix of the "college station song"

You probably don't every want to come down here to feel the roots of torture (grad school) over again...but in case you do...we have a 2 bedroom and you are more than welcome to come.

We really want to get together before we move out to Brazil.


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