Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Break

Monday was M's class fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch, which her dad and I were both happy to get to join her for. We took a hayride out to the field, where she picked her own pumpkin. Usually you pick them off the vine, but they didn't actually plant any pumpkins this year for some reason. They bought some and put them out in the field, though. Weird. But still fun. Our M had a fun time hanging out with her buddy, Busy. They also had a few hay bale mazes, and the kids spent a little time on their playground before heading back to school.

Today is the first day of Fall break, and we're starting it off with another first. Our Little Coyote got her first stitches yesterday. Apparently she was getting a bit animated in explaining something at school and fell out of her chair... onto her face. I'm not sure what she hit, but she cut her face about an inch from her eye. Everyone was very calm when I got there, including M, and it sounds like the teachers and students handled it all very well, despite a fair amount of blood. Robbie (her insistent suitor) was given the job of keeping the other kids away (crowd control), and by all accounts he did a great job and took it very seriously.

On the way to the doctor I asked M what the worst part was, the hurting or the scary blood. She said the scary part. Then we saw the doctor and she said the cut was too close to the eye to use glue, and that they'd give her a shot to numb it and then stitch it. It took twice on the shot to get it numbed, and I had to hold her down while she screamed, "NO MORE SHOTS NO MORE SHOTS PLEASE NO MORE SHOTS!" After that the stitches were easy, but I have to wonder if it wouldn't have been quicker and less traumatic to just give her the three little stitches and be done.

So now our brave little coyote is sporting three stitches and a shiner. Poor little girl. She was very brave, though. So were her mom and dad, who managed to not cry where she could see. She'll get the stitches out Monday after school, so her classmates will get to see them. I'm sure they'll all be very impressed.

Meanwhile, I have the next three days with M all to myself, and I'm pretty excited. I do wish it wasn't rainy today so we could go to the zoo, but it looks like we might get a chance tomorrow or the next day.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger ChemMom said...

I think I heard Mrs. Shay say that the spring was too wet to plant pumpkins. Something like that - you're the horticulturist!

Poor, brave, little M! I hope that her stitches stop bothering her soon.

At 11:26 PM, Blogger cindy said...

I believe that the parents often suffer more long term trama that the their child sporting the scar. Tiff has a similar scar next to her eye that she got from falling and hitting the toilet when she was about madisons age. love ya sis

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Johnson-n-Johnson said...

oooh! Aunt Gretchen. Yikes! When Lincoln had emergency surgery this summer, I tried and failed at not losing it right in the room. He looked up at me and said, "Don't cry mom." I cried more.
So, way to go SuperMom." You are wonderful.
Also, thank you guys so much for visiting my mom. I know it made her week. She loves M and we are so grateful you were there when we couldn't be.
We love you.


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