Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tuesday Night Fever (or Staying Awake)

Our little coyote had a rough night last night. She was running a pretty good fever and didn't sleep well, waking up every few hours. This after a day of not taking her naps, despite a 45 minute drive in a desperate attempt to get her to sleep in the afternoon. Perhaps the trip wore her out more than I thought, and maybe she ran across some evil out-of-state bug along the way. Or maybe someone who looked at the house while we were gone left their cooties everywhere for her to catch.

This morning she seems to be doing much better. Fever is down, she ate her breakfast well. Isn't particularly cranky. She's happily playing with her blocks right now. Hopefully the fever did it's job and fought off whatever was in her system. I'm really looking forward to her getting her naps today, and being her usual happy self. And 24 hours of a normal temperature means she's not contagious and she can have her playdate tomorrow. Oh yeah!

It's good luck on my husband's part that he always seems to be out of town when the little one is sick. I'm pretty sure he got a really good sleep last night. I probably should be happy for him, instead of insanely jealous, and somewhat resentful. Maybe next time.


At 3:28 AM, Blogger ChemMom said...

You'd be even more resentful if he got that good night's sleep at home while YOU were still up caring for Coyote. Ask me how I know this. ;)

Hope she is feeling up to tomorrow; I'm looking forward to seeing you!


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