Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Only a mom

I have a new "only a mom will do that" feather for my cap. I actually tried to catch my child's vomit in my hands. Can you say "Eeeeeew, ick"? Not only is that disgusting, it's just not very effective. And I'll tell you, it's also not terribly effective to use a very small bowl, especially if you are laughing at your own absurdity, because a little kid's aim isn't very precise to start with, even if you're lucky enough to have one cooperative enough to try, which I don't.

So, now that we've established how not to behave when your child is throwing up, let me tell you a few helpful do's. Do hold and comfort your child, even though she stinks to high heaven. Do cover your furniture with a thick towel, or better yet, a waterproof sheet thingy, to avoid upholstery cleaning. Do keep your sense of humor. Do wake up your husband to help.

For further explanation, last week was quite something. Our little coyote caught a bug and was quite ill on Wednesday. I woke early to the sound of her retching all over her crib. Ugh. Conveniently, she had blueberries the night before, so it was easy to see. Double ugh. She was busy yucking every 20 to 30 minutes the rest of the morning, and then saved the hurling for the middle of the night for the next several days. Thankfully I have a totally awesome husband who completely handled crib clean-up duty.

Unfortunately I caught the bug Thursday, and experienced her misery first-hand. Again, thankfully, I have a totally awesome husband who came right back home from work after my desperate phone call so that I could spend the day being pathetic in bed.

Most unfortunately, this just happened to be the same week my Dad was in town, so we really didn't capitalize on our visiting time. He seemed to take it all in stride, though. And we did manage to have a good visit, even so. Little M thought he was great fun, especially his "Hello Kitty" bit, which she requested several times. I don't quite have the knack, so she has since stopped asking for it, but is still asking for "Papa". And on the bright side, we have plenty of fun things left that we can do the next time he comes to visit, if we haven't scared him off completely with our Linda Blair impressions.