Sunday, June 14, 2009

Disney Magic!

Okay, so I'm finally posting about our Disney World trip. First, I'll say WHEW! What a trip! Totally exhausting, but totally fun and worth it. It rained much of the time, so we were pretty soggy, but it kept us from being too hot, and the lines were shorter! Luckily, our little coyote is pretty durable, so slogging through the rain wasn't a big deal.

I think we chose the perfect time to take M for her first DW visit. Young enough to feel the "magic", and old enough to remember it. Hopefully. My favorite part was watching her with the characters. She was so enchanted with them, especially the princesses. She knew they were just people in costume, but she was delighted all the same. She was very quiet, shy and sweet with them. She looked, listened, hugged... and didn't say a word! Just looked at them adoringly and gave them her sweet smile. So cute! Surprising to us, Eeyore turned out to be one of her favorites. We had no idea.

She was big enough for most of the rides, and was quite brave. Her favorite was Splash Mountain, but she liked all of them. She even liked the Tower of Terror! I wouldn't have expected her to do as well as she did on that one. It basically "free-fall" drops you several stories, brings you back up, and drops you again several times.

One of the biggest hits of all the parks was the "wildlife". There were bunnies and ducks wandering around here and there, and she got very excited about them. "Mom! Dad! Look! A DUCK!!!" Hm. I guess it's the simple things in life. Also, she was particularly impressed with the jello at dinner. Yep. The jello.

Another big hit was getting to play on the various playgrounds scattered around the parks. One was a "Honey, I shrunk the kids" playground, where you could climb around a big net "spiderweb", and go through ant tunnels. Definitely a nice break from all the walking and standing in line.

On Day 4 of our DW trip, M lost her very first tooth. Much excitement! The one next to it is also loose, and should be out soon. We thought it would be gone by her birthday, but it's still hanging in there... just barely and mostly sideways. :o)

The last few days of our vacation we stayed with Jay's Uncle Tom and Aunt Nancy in Titusville (near Cape Canaveral), and got to see some of the area. M was REALLY excited about the beach. She collected "sea treasures", played in the sand, and splashed in the waves. We saw alligators, wild pigs, an armadillo, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, and lots of crazy birds. Unfortunately, we weren't there during a shuttle launch. I think M would have liked that. Well, there's always next year...

Here are the links to our vacation pictures:

Day 1 - Epcot

Day 2 - Disney Hollywood Studios

Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

Day 5 - Epcot - Too rainy. Didn't take the camera out. But we had fun. Trust us!

Day 6 - Magic Kingdom

Day 7 - Magic Kingdom

Day 8 - Beach

Day 9 - Beach

Monday, June 01, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

M: I wish I could just start my whole life over!

G: Why? Are you dissatisfied with something in your life?

M: Yes.

G: Well, what would you go back and change?

M: I just wish I didn't ever get these stitches! It's in my head and I can't stop thinking about it.

*sigh* My little girl is a worrier and obsessor... just like her mom. How will I teach her not to dwell in the past? Perhaps we can learn together to be present in the now and not worry about what's already happened.

And yes, I'm quite behind in my blog. I've got tons to post from the last few months, including pics from Disney World... stay tuned.