Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too Young for Wedding Bells!

After school yesterday, while M and I were catching up over a little snack, she informed me that Robbie (the little boy who chases her on the playground all the time, much to her dismay) told her he wants to marry her. I asked her what she told him, and she said, "I said he doesn't treat me nice, and I won't marry someone who doesn't treat me nice", or something like that.

That's my girl!

And then I told her she's a bit young to be worrying about getting married, since she still needs to finish preschool. I suggested she wait and see what nice boys she meets in college.

This morning when I dropped her off at her classroom, Robbie tried to give her a flower he had picked. She wouldn't take it or even look at him. Poor Robbie! We're going to have to talk about being gracious but firm with unwanted suitors. I wasn't expecting the conversation to come so soon!

I Want to Go Home

Well, we've really been testing our Little Coyote's resiliency these days. After months of dragging her around to look at tile, fixtures, and other sundry house items, we ended up not buying the new house. It was a tough decision, but the right one. There were just too many quality issues and mistakes that couldn't or wouldn't be fixed. The exterior paint was already peeling because they didn't power wash first, for example. They actually painted over whole clods of mud. Whaaaaa? And the stone on the upper part of the chimney is a mess. I have little confidence it will hold together. And there's so much more...

Anyway, we went ahead with the sale of the old house, since we had issues with it as well. We put our stuff in storage, and spent some time being "between homes", staying with some friends, with our dogs staying at some other friends' house. We're now in a rental house with a short-term lease, which is pretty lucky, and looking for a house to buy. All the new construction is junk, so we're looking for something older that doesn't need too much work.

Needless to say, M's world has been a bit topsy-turvy, but she's handling it all very well. Aside from a few, "I want to go home" comments, she's taking it all in stride. It probably helped that we were staying with a family that had two boys that she has a great time with. I think she was actually disappointed when we got the rental.

Also working in our favor is the fact that school has started up again. Now I'm doubly glad I kept her at the same school instead of switching her to public preschool. A nice piece of stability, with kids and teachers and a location she already knows, and a shorter school day, instead of tossing her into another all new thing. And I dropped my figure drawing class this semester, rather than be away those two evenings a week. I think M could use the extra mom time. I'm bummed about missing it, but there will be other semesters.

So! That's what's going on here. Probably sounds worse than it is. Really, things are going pretty well. We're all healthy, with a roof over our heads and food on the table. What more could we wish for? Life is good!! And if nothing else, we've had the opportunity to really appreciate what great friends we have, who really came through for us when we needed it. That's an awesome thing!